Wildwood Park Elementary PTA


What is the PTA?

The PTA is a community of people who want the best school experience for their students. The PTA gives us a voice to make change and provides activities and educational enrichment experiences. 


Who Can Join?

Any living person can join the PTA. That means grandparents, aunts, uncles, community members or friends. Each membership makes a difference and adds to the collective voice for our children. 


Why You Should Join?

The PTA Is a great way to get involved and be better connected to your student's school. It creates a community of parents and teachers who are wanting the best for our kids. 

Being on the PTA gives you a voice to make changes. It is also a great way to be involved with what is going on in the school. 


Do you have to volunteer?
While we appreciate and rely on volunteers, signing up as a member of the PTA does not require you to volunteer or attend meetings. As a PTA member you will receive communication about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities but your involvement is up to you. 

What does your membership dues go towards?

Membership dues goes toward various school activities and classroom enrichment.

Member Benefits

Member benefits are offered to all Washington State PTA members. To learn more about these discounts, go to the benefits and discount codes page.


Membership Fee

A single PTA membership fee is $15

A family membership is $25

We offer a $5 per member discount if you purchase two memberships. 



You can register online at the link below, or a paper sign up available at the office.

There is an online registration convince fee that will be added to your order.  


Want to join the PTA?

Click on VIEW THE PACKET below to get more info and register to be a PTA member. We also have paper sign up forms available at the school office.